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NSAC is as close to a real life, hands-on industry experience as an advertising student can get. Becoming a member of the NSAC team will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in this   competitive field. Veterans of NSAC generally have a competitive advantage for the good starting positions and have moved on to very good jobs in the advertising industry.

In the past eight years, PSU has won the regional student ad competition, gone to nationals four times and finished in the top 10 three times.

PSU lead the way in ad technology at NSAC 2011 regionals with digital

applications like this one that used Quick Response Codes (QRC's)

on merchandise tags to trigger instant accessorizing suggestions on

a smart phone.


The PSU 2011 NSAC Team


Smartphone Apps

      Two Smart Phone App's created by PSU to position StateFarm

       as the most important travel accessory 2010.


2010 NSAC team The PSU 2010 NSAC Team.


Smoke AdMuffin Top Ad

Two of 13 edgy print ads created by PSU to focus on the consequences of alcohol abuse

on  college campuses 2009.

NSAC team let’s off a little steam after their presentation at the national competition where PSU finished as one of the Top 10 campaigns in the nation, out of 144 competing                   schools (2009).

The NSAC program is an 8 credit course delivered over three terms, focusing on campaign planning, creative strategy, media strategy, presentation skills, and team work. This course requires a strong commitment to a career in advertising and the ability to be a strong team player and independent thinker over an extended period of time. Class meets Friday 9-noon.

The National Student Advertising Competition is conducted by the American Advertising Federation, the dominant trade association for the advertising industry. The NSAC experience includes:

  • National brand client
  • Multi-million dollar budget
  • Comprehensive campaign plan
  • Flashy presentation
  • The chance to compete on a national level
  • The chance to make some great career contacts

NSAC is advised by Prof Dickinson fall term and Prof Christy winter and spring terms.




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